Tues & Thurs: 6:30pm

Our children's classes use positive motivation to keep our younger students (ages 7-14) engaged, assist them in developing a positive self-image and in building their self-confidence.  Safety is always a key concern at the dojang (school). Children are not only instructed on the technical aspects of Taekwon-Do but also on the morale culture (proper etiquette) of the art. 



Tues & Thurs: 7:30pm

Adult classes are geared toward both mastery of the art of Taekwon-Do and physical fitness.  Training sessions are challenging yet adaptable and include both technical and high intensity components.  Each step of the way our team of expert instructors is there to answer questions and guide students to achieve their personal best.  


All Ages

Saturday : 10:00am

This hybrid class allows for all ages to learn from and with one another. For family members that participate in both our children and adult classes it also provides a great opportunity to train with your family. The family that kicks together - sticks together!


Upon Request 

Group sessions for community organizations are available upon request (and based on availability) - as are seminars, private sessions and birthday parties.